April 2014

Hey everyone.

We had a very productive meeting yesterday With lots of stuff ironed out.
1) The hop tasting went very well and is a really good judge of hop flavor and what it ads to a beer.  We will do it again with some more standard hops to help get a better understanding of the more common hop varieties in our day to day brews.  I Think El Dorado or Matueka were the consensus favorites.
2) The group brew. It was decided that we will brew next Sunday (April 13th) at noon. I updated the Google doc with what everyone is bringing so please make sure you check it out and please don’t forget to bring what you signed up for.
For fermentation, The Buddha has graciously offered to host all of our fermentation needs so no one has to drive home with 10 gallons of sloshing pre fermented beer in their car.
What are we brewing?  We decided that we will brew a doppelbock that we have affectionately named “Amerigoat” (it was freaking hilarious at the time).  Were going to use a yeast strain called  “Cry Havoc” that is a dual purpose yeast strain for both Ales and Lagers.  One of our carboys will be fermented at Ale temps, while the other will be at lager temps.  We all felt this would yield a pretty good flavor difference and give everyone a good understanding of temp control and what it adds to the finished beer.
How much does it cost?  The recipe came out to be ~$80 for a 10 gallon batch. It’s saved in the computer at the Buddha and we will put it together and pay for it the day of the brew. So please bring at least $5- $10 to the brew day to pay for your share.
When can we drink it?  We are thinking the beer will be on tap at the buddha brew store and will be free to all club members. The password will be “New England Clam Chowda”  (The red if anyone asks)… If anyone really wants to take some home.. I’m sure we can make arrangements.
Lastly… If anyone has design skills… we’re hoping to get a logo of a goat with eagles wings in front of an American flag, with the phrase “This beer don’t run” underneath it.  (this too was freaking hysterical at the time)
3)  Funky Buddha’s Mega Brew Day is May 3rd.  Email Kevin@thefunkybuddha.com if you would like to sign up.  Spots are limited, so don’t delay.  Also,  If anyone has an extra burner one of our club members could borrow for this, it would be very helpful (and your beer karma points would go through the roof).  If you do, reply to this thread or let me know and I’ll help schedule the details.
4) Belgian Dubbel competition – Don’t forget, The Buddha is also hosting a Belgian Dubbel competition at the end of May. You should still have enough time to enter get ingredients, and brew by the end of May.  Kevin will provide more details on the exact date and time.
5) Last but certainly not least, Congrats to David Foulke for winning this months “Beer of the Month” competition!  He brought in an excellent clone of Bell’s Brewing Two Hearted Ale IPA that won over the hearts and minds of all in attendance.  If you see him walking a little taller at the brew day… its well deserved.  Nice work David and congrats!!
That’s all I have for now.
I hope to see everyone at the brew day next Sunday!
Louis Mannikko

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