April 2015

April 4, 2015

11:15 Louis CTO

  • Fundraiser- T-shirts as first one
    • Pre-order and vote on style next meeting; female version?
    • $15 members, $20-25 for non-members
    • Fun-run competition/ BBQ
      • Begin and end at a bar
  • Yearly Government dues of $62 due
  • American cancer Society- pour beer; tokens for favorites & bragging rights
    • Last weekend of April or first weekend of May
    • Silent auction for rare beers
    • $20 all you can drink?
    • $2000 goal
  • Hurricane Blowoff- volunteers needed to judge (great experience)

11:31 Kyle- Checks not cashed for membership- return for cash?

  • Sell membership cards to others was rejected secondary to discounts provided
  • Different version for fundraiser brought up

11:34 Kyle Sud Swap event in Coconut Grove next weekend $5

Competition       1st– Erick with a Dunkelweisen

2nd– Paul with an Irish red ale

3rd– Jesse with a Heff

Also in competition: David, Kyle, Louis, & Andrew

Attendance: Jeff, Sean, Paul, Jesse, Jon, Erick, Martin, Louis, Stephanie, Clinton, Sarah, Damian, Brian B., Steve, and Andrew

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