August 2014

Good Morning Hopaholics!!

As the email title states, Good times are ahead and this is a very exciting month for our little brew club.
First order of business.  Congrats to Martin Sutton for taking home his second beer of the month trophy!  He brewed an excellent Vienna Lager that was absolutely delicious and a great example of the style.  With his second win, he’s now the man to beat.  Great work Martin!
Next up.  We will be doing another group brew.  Nick has graciously offered to host this next event (He has a pool so bring your swim trunks!), however,  that is about the only detail we have ironed out.  We still need to decide who is bringing what and what style of beer we are going to make.  Also another little wrinkle in this event, since it wont be brewed at the Buddha, we need to figure out who is willing to pick up the ingredients.  So.. here is the Google Doc we used last time.   Please go in and fill out any equipment you are able/willing to bring.
For the style, its the same as we did before, place the name of a style you want to brew in Row 1, and then your name beneath it.  Your name is your vote.  So if you want to vote for one of the styles already on the sheet, just put your name beneath that style.
Last thing about the group brew, as this is at someones house, We would like to know that you are planning on attending.  Once that has been figured out we will reduce the email chain to only those people and then send out directions and contact information.  So, if you know you want to go and will be there, please let me know as quickly as you can.
Last, but certainly not least.  I had a awesome meeting with Greg Lieberman on Tuesday night.  Who is Greg Lieberman you ask?  He is the co owner and head brewer of 26° Brewing Company. He told me he just ordered his 30BBL DME brewhouse for their Pompano based brewery earlier this week.  As he is a home brewer turning pro, he is really excited about the idea of working with us and giving back as much as he can to the home brewing community.  A lot of details are still being worked out with him and his business partner Yonathan, but,  just to give you an idea of how huge this is,  we may have a place to brew and serve our winning beers to the public (with quality controls of course).
We will obviously discuss this in greater detail at upcoming meetings, and I am hoping either Yonathan or Greg will come to our group brew to meet everyone, but they are obviously very busy.
That is all I have for now.  If you guys have any questions or concerns.  Please let me know.

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