August 2015

August 1, 2015

12:24 Louis- CTO

  • Oktoberfest October 17 interest?
  • T-shirts given out- 14 extra for sale
  • Elections in October, need to let Jesse know by end of August

Kyle- Sud swap- nearby publications interested in homebrew section/ presence

  • Canning process- not working properly & is on hold

Sean- October 11 competition using app designed by Sean to be tried out in todays BOM competition

  • Promotion ideas suggested

Competition- Kyle (1st– peppered Pale Ale), Sean (2nd– Tropical Pale Ale), Louis (3rd– Pale Ale), David, Erick, Josh D.

Attendance- Josh D (2nd meeting), Stephanie, Louis, Sean, Martin, Kyle, Jon, Paul David, Erick and Jackie

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