February 2014 Meeting

Hey Everyone,

So we had a great meeting on 2/8, a lot of great beers were shared!  We even had a few problem ones (which were tasted for analysis). We also picked up a few more emails to add to the distribution list, which is always great!
With that said, that we are going to hold another meeting pretty much right away.  Normally they will be once a month (First Saturday), but due to the schedule of our North Carolina chapter president, Eddie, and his limited time in town, we figured it would be best to get another meeting under our belts.
So, “what will we be meeting about?” you ask.
Well, We still have not decided on a name.  If you would like to reply to this email with some suggestions, we can take a vote at this next meeting and the majority of those who attend will decide the name.
Just throwing one out there: BMW (Buddha’s Militant Wing)… could be great with the Boca local.
Some other items:
Bottle shares:  Please bring in your successes, your disasters (for analysis) and anything you want to get rid of (Looking at you Kyle).
I’ll bring in the “keg to bottle” wand I made last week as well as some samples so every can see how it turns out.
If you have any other ideas for meeting items you would like to discuss, please feel free to email me and I’ll add them to the list of topics.

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