February 2015

February 7 Meeting

12:18 Louis calls meeting to order

–     discussed $400 IRS fee and elected to hold off on paying at this time.

–     forms needed to be filed throughout year to be emailed to Louis by Paul

–     membership cards $50 set-up fee; elected to order 50 for now at $200

–     reiterated BOM (beer of month) competition points 1st 5, 2nd 3, 3rd 2, entry 1 point

*in event of tie, revote of those not involved.  If there is an even number, highest ranking officer does not vote.

12:29 Steve makes motion for a group brew tasting session so all involved can enjoy.  Agreed to have a

get together once beers are ready to taste and share.

12:31 Louis- no bank account yet- to be done by Louis, Jesse, and Kyle next weekend

12:32 Louis- proposed hosting a big, yearly competition

–      if interested, notify Paul

–      Sean, Erik, Steve, and Damian to start committee

12:36 Louis- increase traffic on website

  • Sign-up sheet for BOM online
  • Should be the focal point of the club as far as news and notes

12:41 Damian- emphasized voting for the BEST beer, not your own for BOM competitions

  • Reserves right to revoke vote if people vote for themselves and scoring will be total votes -1

12:49 Kyle- will order membership cards for the next meeting

12:50 Jesse- proposed fundraising committee

  • If interested, notify Paul
  • Jesse and Stephanie to start committee

Louis- proposed helping dog rescue in Everglades

  • If interested, notify Paul
  • Stephanie to start group

12:53 Next moths Deep Dive is Bocks

12:55 Beer of the Month competition

  • 1st place- Erik with a Russian Imperial Stout (5 pts)
  • 2nd place- David with an Extra Special Bitter   (3pts)
  • 3rd place Sean with a Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout (2 pts)

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