January 2017

January 7, 2017

12:22 Louis- CTO

  • Todd got Pompano CRA to pay $400
  • BBB owes for last Iron Banjo
  • Club whiskey barrel- Poll on facebook
  • Election- Erick (Comp chair), Stephanie (Treasurer), all else the same

Greg- 26 degrees provide wort and we add whatever yeast and additions we want for a competition

T-shirts- new brand

Dues due for Dec/ Jan

sMasH competition next meeting

Coconut Cup- club reimburses up to 2 entries; 1/9-1/30 entry window

National Homebrew Competition deadline 1/30-3/?

Sean- new brew attachment

BOM- Max (1st spiced Ale), Kyle (2nd Irish stout), Erick (3rd Chech Pilsner), Louis, Charlie, John R., Wesley, Todd, Paul, David

Attendance- Brian B., Louis, Stephanie, Erick, Kyle, Josh, Steve, Paul, Max, Charlie, Todd, Sean, Kenny (1st meeting), John R., Wesley, Martin

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