January 31, 2014 Board Meeting Notes

Board of Director’s Meeting        1/31/2015            Brickyard

5:28        Louis calls to order

-IRS fee of $400 for social club status- one time fee

5:34        Jesse- paying members should give money to Kyle or Paul

  • Reviewed second meeting rule in which we must explain the need for dues to new members

5:37        Louis- Fundraiser or pay outright to IRS for fee

Kyle- membership cards <$2 but still need final estimate

5:43        Jesse- fundraiser by inviting other brewers to a party for beer/ food

Louis- ways to increase members using flyers with notices of meetings at Funky Buddha

5:50        Paul- ask father in law about IRS for next week and table IRS till more information

5:52        Louis- cards to have individual numbers for founding members only, all others blank (passed unanimously)

5:58        Louis- Website

-content- club events

– structure for forum discussed

– recipe database

– facebook to include directions to website

– barter/ trade section (tentatively called Damian’s Corner) for members only

– information to members

– DIY and Q/A to mimic Homebrew Talk

– AHA link to become members- $ to club when you join

– agreed to make a concerted effort to post

– brew day calendar?

6:25        What to do with beer from group brews?

  • Get together to distribute beer

6:30        Louis- club competition points

  • 1 point for entering
  • Resume list to sign up (website and meeting)
  • Can’t vote for yourself
  • Group brew entries by an individual if it’s their recipe and on their equipment
  • Tie breaker- re-vote of everyone; If still tied, highest ranking officer present and those involved in the tie will abstain from vote
  • 5 points for first, 3 points for second, and 2 points for third
  • Can’t re-submit a beer= same yeast pitch
  • Non-members may enter for feedback, but not for points

7:21        Louis- if changes in bylaws needed, any board member may ask for a re-vote

7:25        Louis adjourned meeting

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