July 2014

Hey Everyone.. Glad to see those of you that made it out. I hope you guys had a good time at the burger bash.

Just a quick recap of our meeting.
They July beer of the month winner is:
Jon Calder – Belgian Blonde
Congrats Jon, you did a great job.
The deep dive also went very well. I think everyone learned a lot about the styles we covered.  I know I certainly did. We went over Belgian Dubbel and Wit beers.  We also decided on the upcoming schedule which is located on the google doc here.
It is also as follows:
Month BJCP Style BJCP Style Number
August 2014 Porter 12
Stout 13
September 2014 IPA 14
October 2014 Pumpkin Beer 21A
Octoberfest 3B
November 2014 American Ale 10
English Pale Ale 8
December 2014 Christmas/Winter 21B
English Brown Ale 11
January 2015 Light Lager 1
Dark lager 4
February 2015 Bock 5
March 2015 Belgian Strong 18
Belgian 16
April 2015 Pilsner 2
Light Hybrid 6
May 2015 German Wheat/Rye 15
June 2015 Amber hybrid 7
July 2015 Scottish/Irish 9
August 2015 Strong Ale 19
September 2015 Cider 24
Mead 28
October 2015 Sour 17
We tried to put the lagers out further to give people who wish to brew them enough time.  But please take a look and plan accordingly.
Please remember the next meeting is August 2nd.  Which is only about three weeks away. We will be covering Stouts and Porters for the deep dive, but please bring in any and all beers you wish to get honest feedback on for the beer of the month.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Hello Hopaholics,

Here is your friendly reminder about tomorrows brew club meeting.
We have a few things on the agenda:
1) Beer of the Month Competition.  We are going to try to do this a little bit differently.  Steph has graciously offered to be the MC for this event.  So we are going to turn in the beer ahead of time and judge them blind with the same score sheets as last time.  I will also bring a copy of the off flavors test to help us point out any irregularities in the beer.   Remember, this is a friendly competition, so while honesty is what we’re looking for,  the goal is to help us all improve our designs and processes, so constructive criticism only, please.
2)  BJCP Deep Dive:  Belgian Dubbel / Wit.  This is a new on going series where we take a look at each of the BJCP categories and compare our brewed beer to production beers.  This will, hopefully, give us a good understanding of where we are in comparison to a production example of the style.
What you need to do:  1) Look at the list.  2) decide if you want to brew it 3) If so, brew it.  4) during the meeting for that scheduled style, bring in your beer you brewed.   We only have July and August planned out so far, We will have more after tomorrows meeting.
July 12th:  Belgian Dubbel (18B) & Wit (16A?)  Wit was kind of a last minute request by Steve, but if you have em, lets check em out.  If not, we can do it again later down the road.
August 2nd:  Porter (12) & Stout (13)
We will get better at this as we go along, but that’s the first few.
Also, being that the Buddha is a business, I don’t want to inundate them with outside beverages during this.  I think for this series, we will not need a ton of beer, I am thinking 1-3 22oz (2-6 12 oz) bottles max. So if you can, please let me know if you are planning on bringing in a production bottle and I’ll let you know I it’s needed or not.
I know they have a wit in shop so we may need 1 or 2 more.  For the Belgian Dubbel, I can bring in one.
3) I’m working on a Malt test with Kevin that, hopefully, will give us a good idea of malts and their flavor profiles and what they add to a finished beer.  We’ll see if it works out or not.

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