July 2015


12:30 Louis- CTO

  • Water lecture cancelled due to Damian’s absence
  • Water testing with Drew

Sean- competition ‘a go’ at Funky Buddha on 10/11 early afternoon for 15 entrants

Erick- 1st Coast Cup competition open for entry

Louis- Hopaholic tent at minor league soccer event 8/29

  • Oktoberfest competition 10/17
  • Member of the Year award for most points from hosting and attending events
  • Barrel ‘trophy’ for BOM winner to borrow for month or so
  • Clinton and Sarah leaving

Kyle- T-shirts in next week

  • Canning homebrew for at least 4 5 gallon kegs


Attendance: Paul, Louis, David, Kyle, Martin, Jon, Brian B., Erick, Drew, Clinton, Sarah, Sean, Todd, Josh (1st meeting)

BOM: 1st– David (Chinook IPA), 2nd– Jon (Belgian Quad), 3rd– Sean (AIPA), Louis, Erick

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