July 2016

7/09/2015 Meeting

12:15- Louis CTO

VP voting- Kyle voted in by Quorum vote; $690 in treasury and need new treasurer

Pompano Untapped- Sharron organizer- $80 to club to show up

  • 1st Friday of each month (8/5 is next one)
  • First few to enter may have dues paid and money can be used to subsidize competitions

Charity Fest- 7/30

  • 13 beers from us alone and Draughtsmen to have a tent

26o Homebrew competition

  • Winner to brew on their system
  • Winter beer for October competition and January release
  • Recipe of winner becomes property of 26.

Educational topics

  • Deep dives
  • Virtual lessons
  • Guest speakers (barrel aging next month)

Deep dive- Imperial stouts

BOM- Paul (1st– Cream Ale), Charlie (2nd– Common), David (3rd– Imp stout), Louis, Erick, Mazz, Kyle

Attendance- Drew, Erick, Steve, Louis, Paul, David, Stephanie, Mazz, Charlie, Martin, John, Kyle

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