June 2014

Hey Hopaholics!!

Here is your friendly reminder of our meeting coming up on June 7th.  I’m gonna push the meeting back to 12pm, as most people don’t make it until then anyways, and it may make it easier for some people to be there.
We will still be meeting at the Funky Buddha Homebrew Store in Boca Raton.
So whats on the agenda?
1st and foremost, we will be doing an off flavors test. I ordered a comprehensive test kit from the Siebel Institute that will accommodate up to 20 tasters. So far I have the following club members taking part.
Brian L
We may have one or two more from the homebrewtalk.com website, but they have not confirmed.
As it stands right now, the price to participate is $22.00 per person.  If you are not on the list but would like to taste, you can just come to the meeting with some cash and we will figure it all out.  Please note though, there are only 7 spots left, so it will be first come first serve.
On top of the fee for tasting, we need some extra beer.  Jesse has graciously offered to bring in 48 Corona’s (what he’s doing with that much Corona is a different matter), but we will need about 60 to 70 Corona’s for this event.  Some people have graciously offered to bring in a 6 pack.  I have those people as
Brian L
All together thats 78 beers, That should be plenty to cover the “prepared” samples and “unprepared” control beer.  For those of you bringing in beer, the instructions from Siebel suggest it be around 50 – 52°F. So if you could chill it, or buy it from the fridge, that would be great … mmmk?
thanks everyone for participating in this, I’m really looking forward to it.
2nd.  We will have our usual beer of the month competition.  So bring in your home brew for everyone to try, Were gonna print off some score sheets for everyone, so that we can get some real and tangible feedback on our brews.
3rd.  The Usual Debauchery.
I hope to see as many Hopoholics as we can this meeting.  It should be very informative and a very good time.
That’s all I got for now.. See you all Saturday June 7th at 12PM!

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