March 2014 Meeting

1)  We discussed the ides of purchasing a tasting kit from the Sieble Institute to better help everyone understand what “off flavors” are and how to recognize them.  Here is the kit from their website.  Now the kit is fairly pricey, $290 bucks with shipping, but it provides enough tastings for up to 20 people.  We would just need to get a 30 pack or so of yellow fizz water to act as a base.  They recommend a liter per vial…

If your interested let me know, and I’Il see what it costs for everyone once we know how many people are in.  If we get 20 people its only ~$15 per person.
2) Just a follow up to our discussion on clarity and racking to a secondary.  Here was the thread on HBT I referenced.  Ultimately, it comes down to your preference, but I just wanted to share for informational purposes.
3) The Group Brew!  I’m not sure how you guys want to handle this so I’ll start off with what we have available to us.
a) Based on the responses from the meeting, I think Kyle is the only one with a boil kettle big enough to handle a 10 gallon batch.
b) Kevin brought up the idea of doing this at the Buddha, I’m assuming Ryan would need to approve this?
c) Martin has offered his place pending approval from the Mrs.. and he has a pump.. which would be awesome for a nice 15 minute vorlauf, depending on the mash tun.
d) For a list of equipment, and who is bringing what, I put together this Google doc.
1.  Everyone with that link should be able to access it and add their name for a piece of equipment.  I just put together a cursory list. so feel free to add any equipment you think I’m missing.
2. We would need to decide on a beer.   I put a column on the sheet for the type of beer you’d like to brew.  If you don’t see a style you want just add it in the next column.  If you see a style you would like, just add your name underneath the beer.  That will be your vote. style with the most votes wins.

e) I have a 15 gallon mash tun with stainless steel bulk head and stainless steel braid.  I’m happy to bring it unless you guys would like to use something else.

f) The first date discussed was the first Sunday after the next brew meeting, that would be April 6th.

If you have no interest in this at all, please let me know and I’ll try to remove your name from this email thread when I write replies.
4) Our brew club is now up on the AHA site.


Whats up everyone!

This is a reminder about the meeting this Saturday, March 8th at 11:30 AM. The next meeting wont be until April 5th.
We will again be meeting at the Funky Buddha Homebrew Store in Boca Raton.

If you didn’t notice the title of the email,  we now have a name.  Last meeting we decided to call ourselves the Hopaholics by a overwhelming majority.
So, now that we have a name, I went ahead and registered us with the AHA.  They said it will take them up to two weeks to get us on the website, but once its up you should be able to find it here:
For this meeting, there is no real agenda, yet, but I thought we could be a little more organized than last time and really get some good feedback for our beers that we bring in.  So here is my plan:
If your going to bring in a beer to taste (good or bad), I would suggest that you print out a few copies of the attached BJCP scoring guide.  You can hand them out to the people that want them, or just discuss things out in the open if you prefer, but this way, you can have some written and quantifiable comments for the beers that you are bringing in that you can later go back and reference.

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