May 2014

Whats up everyone!

I just wanted to send out a friendly reminder of next Saturday’s meeting.
It will be a little different than most meetings as it will take place during The AHA Big Brew Day at the Funky Buddha home brew store.  If you haven’t seen their event page on Facebook yet,  it is here:
It looks like the event is designed to brew one of three AHA award winning beers.  A Pale Ale, An Imperial Stout, or a Schwarzbier.
Recipes can be found here:
Kevin brought up a good idea that we could all use the base ingredients, for whatever style you would like to brew, and then add in something to make it your own. hops, yeast..etc..  Then we could all meet up later to drink them and see the difference.
If you haven’t reserved a spot yet,   I think there might be some spots still open.  You can reserve it by emailing Kevin at
Both extract and all grain recipes are available. 
We will still be holding the beer of the month competition if you want to bring in some of your be for everyone to judge.
Amerigoat update
From the pictures Jesse posted to the group page, Amerigoat is humming right along.  (Thanks Jesse!)  I think the plan is to bottle the Ale at some point during the Big Brew on May 3rd.  That way it will keep better while we wait for the Lager batch to finish up.  Which probably wont be until our July or maybe even August meeting.
If you want to see pictures of it fermenting, request access to the private group here:
That’s all I have for now.  Whether your brewing or not on may 3rd.  Hope to see everyone come on out.  It should be a fun day.

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