November 2015

November 14, 2015

12:20 Louis- CTO

  • Adam Feingold (BBB) doing BJCP prep course (all members in attendance expressed interest)
  • X-mas party at Damian’s
  • Greg Lieberman donated 20 gallon electric brewing system that needs repaired
  • Member count: 22 voting members
  • Talk of increasing dues to $40- no family option, all are welcome (Passed unanimously)
  • Vote to move to 26o for future meetings (Passed 11-2)
  • More things as a club- suggestions include brew bus tour, ‘same beer’ competition, iron chef type competition
  • Hopaholics market- bring excess materials to resell/ trade at cost or lower

12:50 Stuart from SFL Hops- social group free to join (

Competition: David (1st Stout), Louis (2nd pumpkin brown), Karl (3rd Hot Temper IPA), Kyle

Attendance: David, Jon, Paul, Louis, Stephanie, Kyle, Karl, Drew, Erick & Jackie, Greg, Steve, Stuart (SFL Hops)

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