November 2016

November 5, 2016

12:30 Louis CTO

          Untapped went well; 4 beers and seemed like a fan favorite

          Christmas party- Kyle to check with Jonathan for boat with Pompano Fire Museum as backup

          More social activities (Sloshball (?)- Paul)

          Barrel for club- Sean C. & Brian B.

          Dues this month or next

          Nominations and elections for BOD

Sean            App updates; 4 questions per beer

          Comp committee with Chair

          Schedule & reminders of upcoming comps

1:00 Kyle

          Mark (Infected Brewery)beer event for charity

          December 3 BCC Davie 2-6 pm

2:06 BOM  Erick (1st Founders Red), Charlie (2nd Pilsner), Louis (3rd APA), Kyle, Paul

Attendance- Jon,  Louis, Paul, Kyle,  Erick, Drew, Mazz, Steve, Sean, Todd

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