October 2015

October 3rd, 2015

12:00 – Jesse brought meeting to order.

Annual dues will come up in January 2016 for the original members – a year already.

Vote on Officers was held.  Sean Christianson was voted in as the new competition chair.

All other existing officers were elected to a second term.

Discussion of the October 11th Homebrew competition to be held a Funky Buddha Boca.

$10 at the door – Helpers to show up at 1:30 wearing Hopaholic shirs.

There will be a series of three (3) competitions.  Brewer with the most points after all competitions will get to brew at the Boca location.

Kyle Love will be coordinating a bulk grain buy.  More Hopaholic t-shirts are being produced.

Deep Dive on Sour Beers – A good overview and discussion of sour brewing techniques was given by Kevin Squires and Sean Christianson.  A few homebrew and commercial sours were shared with the group.

Beer of the month competition.  Entered: Kyle, Jesse, Josh, David, Sean, Steve, Rob

Winners: 1. David, Coffee Vanilla Porter   2.  Rob, Rum Barrel Porter  3. Josh, Session IPA

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