September 2014

Here is your friendly reminder of tomorrow’s Hopaholics meeting.  We will be meeting at 12PM at the Funky Buddha Home Brew store in Boca.
On the Agenda:
BJCP Deep Dive:  This month is IPA!!  I have a feeling this one is going to be good. We will be doing the deep dive first, so we don’t lose everyone like last time.
Beer of the Month competition:  After last months debacle, Beer of the Month is now limited to one entry per person.  You can bring more beer for other people to taste after the competition if you choose, but the judging will be limited to one, so put your best beer forward.  I have a feeling this months will be very competitive.
Club business:  We will discuss some club business as well.
Some topics:
Bulk Grain Order
Updates on the Black Widow fermentation and additions
Another Group Brew
Club t-shirts?
Hopefully a website update
How to make things nice and legal.
And any other issues people would like to discuss.
If you have any items you want to add, let me know and I’ll add it to the agenda.
Have a good Friday everyone, we’ll see you tomorrow.
Oh… almost forgot, everyone bring a little cash so we can sort out the cost of the last group brew and get people paid back that need to be.

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