September 2015

September 5, 2015

12:05 Louis- CTO (TV Crew present for documentary)

  • October 11 competition 2pm 15 entries (full)
    • Adam from Bangin Banjos offered to judge and also 2 from Draughtsmen
    • 8-12 bottles or keg for pouring
    • Cider, mead, beer
  • Oktoberfest for Ft. Lauderdale Firefighter Benevolent Association October 17
    • David and Drew committed
  • Elections- Sean for competition     No new applicants

12:14 Jesse- Homebrew Academy webinars  $45 course for tasting

  • Bangin Banjos offered to host for the club class
  • Voted and passed- need to set up time and day good for everyone
    • Tuesday nights 1st & 15th

Competition- Erick (1st– Black IPA), Paul, Sean, Jesse, Drew (2nd– Amber Ale), David (3rd– Pale Ale), Martin

Attendance- Josh D (signed and paid dues), Stephanie, Louis, Sean, Rob (2nd meeting), Kyle, Jon and Tonya, Paul, David, Jesse, Drew, Erick and Jackie, Miles, Todd, and Karl

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